Safety from electric discharge

The development of a proper ESD chairs is a challenging technical procedure, deriving from Thronas long experience and research on the specific segment of a specialty chair. Developed and assembled with specifically selected materials and components, these chairs guarantee a safe dissipative effect of the electric charges and are provided with all necessary standards to be authorized inside any “EPA” area. The internal seat structure is formed by a multi-layered beech wood structure in order to guarantee a solid and balanced support even when the end user is sitting on the front part of the seat only, a typical position of workers on the assembling line. Both seat and backrest are padded with high flame retardant Pu-flex material ergonomically shaped. The base is in polished aluminum and the ESD castors, when present, are provided with a soft rubber ring for proper rolling on the floor. Throna offers a wide range of ESD products, among which it is possible to use the best suitable one for a specific need.