Special characteristics for special uses

Welcome to the Throna catalogue devoted to specialty chairs, required in specific environments like research laboratories, production facilities and professional use in general. On these models the attention to design, in addition to optimizing posture, movements and comfort of the user – always at the center of the ergonomic research of Throna – focuses on the technical aspects required by the contexts in which these products are used, in some cases in accordance with specific international standards. For environments that must be neutralized by electrostatic discharge, special ESD chairs are offered. Where a clean and dust-free environment is an absolute requirement, it is possible to use Clean-room and Stainless Steel chairs, products that reduce to a specific level the emission of dust particles, and if necessary models that can be disassembled and sterilized in an autoclave. For those locations with successive shifts, the chair must be sturdy, easily adjustable and adaptable to different body types. In general, in an office environment there is a specific request for ergonomic functions that allow an easy switch from a forward to a leaning position, required by the normal activities of writing and reading (traditional or computer) , to a more relaxed tilted back position, generally taken during telephone conversations. As for the production departments, the main requirement for a chair is its strength, easy maintenance and easy to clean characteristics, combined with a need to operate on working surfaces generally higher than those of the offices. For each need, Throna answers with specialty chairs, made with the help of specialists and end-users of each specific area.

How to make the proper choice

The optimal selection for the proper chair needed is tied to many factors that depend on the environment where it is needed and the characteristics of the operations needed by the end users. For each line, Throna has developed a wide range of options that all have common basic functional characteristics, but differentiate amongst themselves thanks to the available components and solutions and to the small details that often make the difference in specific working environments. Therefore, it is easier to find the right model among the available choices that is cost proportioned to the actual needs of the end user. Furthermore, each model can be personalized utilizing the wide range of accessories offered by Throna in order to perfectly match the desired product. In the following pages of this catalogue, next to the technical card for each model, it is possible to select from the alternative options in order to create the most suitable choice for your needs.