Throna: To serve the well being of the end user.

For more than thirty years, we in THRONA produce professional technical armchairs, studied in each detail in order to offer the best comfort to people using it several hours a day. We invested a lot of time and resources on research and development of efficient solution, thus creating a collection that assure the well being and favour the working activity, assuring at the same time also a proper working position and reducing any inconvenience related to a sedentary position. We rely on a internal staff of proven experience and on an efficient industrial organisation that allows the development of products positioned to the highest quality levels. We devote our best attention to the specific needs required by the end user also developing special products, and we answer with the highest flexibility to the always evolving needs each specific market needs. We are, moreover, always striving to offer a good before and after sales service, since we consider the complete satisfaction of our customers to be our first institutional value. Our products are distributed in Italy as well as in all the European countries and in selected overseas markets. We promote the culture of the well being in the working environment, since we are aware that the full physical efficiency favours a positive mental attitude and it is a great defence against stress, thus improving efficiency, creativity and in general the performances of people who want to get the maximum results frim their own professional time.

More comfort and more health from freedom of movement.

THRONA considers ergonomic as being the best relation between the psychophysical condition of the end user and all the activities required for a specific job. THRONA has studied the working positions while seated and the several operations done in an office, carefully analysing their effects on the muscular and skeletal structure, on the compression and tension levels of the physiological systems and on the conditions of the internal organs of a human body. The constant compression of the human tissues might constrict a proper circulation of the blood, one of the nerve fibres might produce local pains and tingling, an improper backrest inclination might reduce the normal lumbar functions or even increase chances of lower back pains, and a rigid position of the head might cause muscle contractions and cause cephalic pains. THRONA ergonomic seating can help, those working while seated for a long number of hours, to preserve a good health and to improve performances. THRONA armchairs are built according to the principle that comfort is the result of relieving the body of superfluous and unnecessary tensions. They properly sustain the spinal cord by unloading all the pressure of the muscles and help to keep a proper position by utilising the least amount of muscles, with the result of relaxing the muscle structure and reducing the sensation of fatigue. Adjustable according to the height, weight and shape of the end user, THRONA armchairs are provided with backrests that conform to the natural back shapes. They do not stall the body by helping its spontaneous movement and they favour the natural changes and variations of the working position. Our chairs follow the law of life, made of activity and movements.

Respect for the nature and culture of environmental sustainability.

THRONA facilities are located next to the Sile river springs, near Treviso, a naturalistic oasis of uncontaminated and suggestive beauty. These springs are surrounded by a natural park with the famous clear springs being the center of it. THRONA could not disregard as a center point of its production philosophy the respect for the nature, one of the main principles of its industrial culture. THRONA was one of the first Italian companies producing office armchairs to obtain the ISO 14001, setting the requirement of the environmental management certification. THRONA seatings are produced with a production process and with chosen materials, respecting fixed and strong ecological principles, utilizing precise and documented disposal procedure. The quality of the armchairs guarantees a long life of the product, and at the end of its life cycle it can be easily disassembled, since all the components has been selected at the beginning according to their level of recyclable standards. Even more carefully than as requested by the International norms, THRONA is in a continuous research of innovative technologies aiming to minimize the impact of the production activities on the surrounding environment and tends to improve its performances also in this sector. The wood utilized comes from controlled areas with a proven and systematic reforestation program. A preference is given to anti-allergic fabrics, to chroming with a low environmental impact. Exclusively water based glue is used. Nature surrounding all the people involved in THRONA is a too precious of a blessing to neglect our commitment of preservation for the future generations.

Quality without compromises, care on each detail.

THRONA commitment for quality on the production of office armchairs goes over the standard procedures required by the ISO 9001 certification, that is already set and has an aim, the reaching of excellent quality standard. The professional office seating is a technically complicated product and its quality derives from several options, from preferences selected by the experience, from choices aiming to the optimization of the end result more than to the cost reduction. The quality in THRONA products is immediately perceptible by the end user, who is probably not fully aware of all the processes through which it has been reached, but who is perfectly capable of appreciating the gratifying comfort, the perfect functioning of the mechanisms, the resistance to stress caused by the daily use, its long life. Besides a rigorous control during all the production processes, quality is developed also thanks to a proper selection of the components. For instance, in depth researches to determine the proper density, on top of the thickness, of a flame retardant foam component is essential in order to offer a proper feeling of the chair since insufficient density shortly reduces the seat comfort. It has been determined the correct thickness for all wood components, that must guarantee a proper support and resistance. All plastic basements are provided with an internal steel structure. The gas lifts fitted in the armchairs are certified in Class 4, the highest level, offering the best performances and endurance. Even if not all that evident, these and many other specific aspects are essential to determine the product quality and to drive the choice toward a THRONA professional armchair.